Best Android PSP Games of All Times 

Android PSP Games
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The PlayStation Portable remains one of the greatest handheld gaming systems ever. It delivered stunning 3D visuals and console-quality titles on the go. Thanks to Android emulation, we can now enjoy those PSP classics on our phones and tablets. But with so many titles to choose from, which ones play best on Android? Let’s countdown the top 10 must-play PSP games you can emulate on Android today!

1. LittleBigPlanet

This innovative 2D platformer stands out for its wonderfully creative DIY levels. You can let your imagination run wild designing stages with the robust creation tools. Or simply enjoy hopping and floating through the charming story levels with protagonist Sackboy. LittleBigPlanet’s variety, adorable visuals, and blurring of gaming with level editing make it a trailblazer. The signature charm absolutely shines bright on Android. Just be ready for some tricky minigames that demand precision timing!

2. God of War: Chains of Olympus 

Kratos hacks and slashes his way onto PSP with this must-play prequel for fans of gory, brutal action. Chains of Olympus delivers the combo-based fighting the series excels at along with new weapons like the Gauntlet of Zeus. Taking down mythological Greek creatures in gruesome fashion is morbidly satisfying. The locales you battle through are stunning too, like the glittering heights of Mount Olympus. While grim, the slick combat, sinister magic, and sense of empowerment still makes Chains of Olympus irresistible carnage on mobile.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Why should console and PC gamers have all the open-world mayhem? Liberty City Stories proved handheld gamers could also wreak havoc in Rockstar’s living, breathing worlds. This time your crimes take place in a 3D Liberty City loosely based on New York City. There’s guns to wield, cars to steal, gangs to take down, and a seedy underbelly to explore. While not as expansive as later GTA titles, squeezing this sandbox onto PSP was a technical marvel at the time. And it remains one of the finest handheld GTA experiences, overflowing with urban action.

4. Lumines

If you like rhythmic puzzles, blocks of color, and awesome electronica music, then Lumines will entrance you. Colored squares drop into the playfield synchronized to the beat. Rotating and aligning blocks creates squares of the same color. When cleared, the timeline advances. The synergy of the timeline, vivid visuals, and blissful tunes creates a psychedelic experience taking you to a higher state of gaming consciousness. This classic is mesmerizing on mobile.

5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts’ first adventure built for PSP is also one of its finest RPGs. Birth By Sleep introduces three interwoven heroes – Terra, Ventus and Aqua. Unraveling their emotionally charged stories is an epic rollercoaster. The battle system here is fast and fluid, with exciting Command Deck abilities to deploy. And pairing those satisfying keyblade battles with classic Disney worlds makes this feel like a big-budget console blockbuster shrunken onto portable. A must-play for KH fans.

6. Patapon

Patapon is an absolute rhythm riot. These adorable worshipped creatures march to your drumbeats and engage in strategic battles. As god and leader, you bang out sequenced commands while chanting “Pata Pata Pata Pon!” Your Patapon army faithfully responds to each order: Charge, March, Defend, and Attack. Tougher enemies and multiplayer introduce welcome challenge for veterans. Patapon becomes almost transcendental once you fully syncopate with the rhythms. This remains a quirky strategy gem well worth emulating on Android.

7. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima shows the full scope of his stealth opus could shine on handheld with this ambitious PSP title. Nearly everything Metal Gear fans love is here: cinematic storytelling, bizarre humor, memorable boss battles, and of course silently putting enemies to sleep. The base management aspect also adds great depth. Like any Kojima game, the plot is complex but full of pathos as well. For many, Peace Walker remains their favorite tactical espionage operation worth revisiting. 

8. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

This updated take on PlayStation’s Final Fantasy Tactics remains the definitive version of the classic tactical RPG. New cutscenes, dialogue and cel-shaded graphics improve an already phenomenal game. Building your squad and leading them in turn-based battles on isometric grids is eternally satisfying. The expansive job system allows immense customization. And political drama unfolds in the story along with unexpected twists. Final Fantasy Tactics is simply the gold standard for tactical RPGs, now on mobile.

9. Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

My #2 pick goes to Crisis Core, the sensational prequel expanding Final Fantasy VII’s backstory and lore. It beautifully fleshes out fan favorite character Zack Fair as he navigates Shinra politics and befriends Cloud. The combat blending real-time action with RPG leveling keeps you engaged. And the emotional ending packs a wallop, humanizing these iconic characters. Crisis Core’s poignant journey reveals enlightening details about FF7 that make this an essential, unforgettable mobile experience.

10. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles deserves the top spot for bundling together an incredible 2D action trilogy into one amazing remake package. The main event is a full 3D overhaul of the TurboGrafx-CD classic Rondo of Blood. With lush Gothic atmosphere and stellar whip-cracking gameplay, it’s a masterclass in platforming. Add in direct sequel Symphony of the Night, considered one of gaming’s best ever, and you have endless 2D Castlevania bliss on Android. This endlessly playable compilation is a must own.

And there you have it, the absolute cream of the crop PSP experiences you need to emulate on mobile right now! With so many genres covered, there’s something for all tastes. Let me know your favorite PSP memories and if I missed any must-play classics. Happy gaming!

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Harfoo  is an avid PSP Android gamer and  enthusiast. He loves discovering new emulator games and reliving his favorite childhood games on mobile. Harfoo has extensively tested all the top PSP emulators games and can tell most of the best among the PPSSPP games for Android devices. He hopes his guides will help fellow classic gaming fans play their cherished titles on the go.