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Web Development

8 Different Types of Web Development: A Complete Guide

Website development is an all-rounder term that describes all the work of creating and building a website. It includes everything from web programming, publishing, database management, markup, network configuration, and coding to scripting and CMS development. Currently, the internet has become a leading method of research, education, connection, and entertainment around the globe. Unsurprisingly, the…
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Prototyping Tools for UX/UI Designers

Top 12 Prototyping Tools for UX/UI Designers

A crucial step in the UX/UI design process is prototyping, which enables us to test concepts before they are completely realized and improve user experience. Designers can test a product, application, or website using a high or low quality prototype, depending on their needs, before releasing it. There are countless methods to present your design…
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Progressive Web Apps

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and how do they differ from traditional web application development and native mobile apps?

What is a progressive web app? The term refers to a novel method of application development that holds promise and continues the existing web application format. The conceptual father of this new concept is, above all, Google, so it is not surprising that, until now, the design of the PWAs has only taken into account…
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Web Scraping Tools

The Top Free Web Scraping Tools for Effective Data Extraction

Web scraping has become vital for extracting valuable data from websites. It helps entrepreneurs and strategists meet very specific demand of datasets from relevant or niche-based websites. That’s why the global demand for such software was valued at US$ 330 million in 2022. This value is likely to soar upto $363 million by 2023 and…
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PHP Framework

How to Build a Robust PHP Framework for Web Development

In today’s evolving digital world, the demand for powerful web development tools is on the rise. PHP has emerged as a leading scripting language due to its simplicity, efficiency, and compatibility. While there are many existing frameworks available, creating a customized PHP framework offers advantages such as flexibility and scalability. This guide aims to provide…
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PHP Development Tools

Best 9 PHP Development Tools For Efficient PHP Developers in 2023  

PHP has been popular with developers since its emergence in the mid-1990s. Despite being blurred by the hype of Python and other developing languages, the demand for PHP remained strong. This has directly enhanced the demand for PHP developers and increased competition among them. Hence hire PHP developers are required to have an excellent handle…
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