Which Marvel Shows Did Better, Disney Plus or Netflix?

Disney Plus or Netflix
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Marvel has been a dominant force in the cinema industry for centuries. With the passage of time, the popular comic book developer created its new home in television and film industry, collecting significant popularity worldwide.

However, Marvel’s huge fans are always seeking new releases from their favorite universe. And Disney Plus and Netflix, both leading famous streaming platforms, have jumped deep into the Marvel universe.

In this blog, we will compare both streaming platforms and explore which platform did better regarding Marvel shows. 

Disney Plus is an almost new initiative in the streaming world and after launching, it rapidly increased with its impressive list of Disney-owned content properties, of which the prime is MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

With Disney Plus in Malaysia, lovers of the Marvel universe can get premium content around the world. Shows like Wanda Vision, The Falcon and, The Winter Soldier, or Loki are at the top of the list.

On the contrary, Netflix plays a major role in the streaming world. It has marked its presence globally since its establishment. The platform showcases an amazing portfolio of original content, also including a few Marvel shows.   

Moreover, Netflix produced Marvel’s Daredevil, Jesica Jones, The Punisher, and Luke Cage, which all were appraised by audiences for excellent deliverance of the content. The series was a section of the Marvel Netflix universe and almost somewhat interlinked, sharing a similar story plot. 

Let’s analyze more and discover which of these streaming services has justice better in their Marvel content outcome.

Content quality

Let’s first examine the content quality, as there are a lot of elements that come into play, adding production worth, storyline, and performances.

For instance, the new release Disney Plus WandaVision managed to attract people’s recognition rapidly with its rare and refreshing story narrative approach. The series has a special fusion of classic sitcoms and Marvel factors that refreshingly engage the viewers.

Another Disney Plus show, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – is an action bundle show that depicts the adventure of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. However, it also explores social topics like social justice, PTSD, and government manipulation, making more sense to audiences.

Whereas Netflix also has a few of the best Marvel series to offer, like DAredevil leading the charts. The series’ captivating storyline, fantastic action scenes, and unmatched character development have captured massive fans. Not only this series but also Jessica Jones and Luke Cage also get extensive popularity among the fans.

Overall, Disney Plus has more efficient quality content and more score. Although, Netflix also possesses a variety of Marvel shows and is gaining more attention than Disney Plus.

Production Value

Regarding production value, Disney+ Marvel TV shows unquestionably shine out more than Netflix. Disney+ MArvel series provides an extensive cinematic experience, with production values equal to the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Each episode of the Disney Plus MArvel feels like a movie, with HD CGI, mesmerizing action scenes, and breath-holding graphics.

Netflix, on the contrary, is more well-known for its quantity rather than quality. Besides, it didn’t possess a similar production value as Disney Plus.

The series’s budgets were repressed, limiting the computer-created imagery and regions, outputting a more restrained feel.

Audience Reception

Lastly, both Netflix’s and Disney Plus’ Marel shows possessed a positive response from their viewers worldwide. However, the scheme of introducing shows on Netflix, which are all interconnected, escorts the viewers somewhat to be pressed to watch every show to access the entire, complete story.

This method, although acknowledged by devoted comic book lovers, didn’t attract the broader audience.

In contrast, Disney Plus’s Marvel series are almost standalone with vivid discontinue points, making the series more attractive to the vast majority of the audience who might be unaware of Marvel’s history.

Additionally, with Disney Plus, people can enjoy any Marvel show they love without fretting about the overall storyline they need to learn to get the entire idea or picture.


In conclusion, both Netflix and Disney Plus managed to generate the best content based on the Marvel Universe. Disney Plus has led the charts in terms of quality and production value.

On the contrary, Netflix’s Marvel series possess merits; they discern limited because of the budget restraints and expected story narrative factors that viewers had to follow.

Whereas Disney Plus pulled over a new form of Marvel content that transformed the prediction of the audiences while remaining true to the comic book characters they love. 

Launching a fresh concept of story narrative that engages the viewers, the Disney Plus Marvel series base as a must-watch for all who are interested in the Marvel universe.

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