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Use Artificial Intelligence

6 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used today in a variety of industries – from entertainment and advertising to business decision making, controlling self-driving cars and modeling complex physical processes. Today we will talk about how “machine intelligence” can be used in ordinary mobile applications. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store and…
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The revolution of Artificial Intelligence in Web Design and Web Development

Improvements to web development with Artificial Intelligance The great capabilities of Artificial Intelligence are being used by companies through cutting-edge technology, applied in usability and functionality tests, where through this detailed review can be considerably improved .When talking about how Artificial Intelligence works in web design and development , it is very inclined towards the…
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Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing | Benefits and its Trends

Big Data Testing With the explosive increase in data generated by more users and devices, organisations need to store this data so that it is easily accessible for further analysis, for example, to improve business strategies and marketing tactics. When making critical business decisions based on analytics, it is imperative to be confident that such…
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